The PROOF CHANNEL uses three Skyscreens and two timers to make two velocity measurements on each shot. The Model 35 measures two velocities on each shot, it automatically compares the two readings, and it waves a flag if they don’t agree within reasonable limits.

If you haven’t used a chronograph before, the PROOF CHANNEL sounds unnecessary. If you have used a chronograph, you’ve certainly questioned some readings. Glaring high or low readings are easy to discard, but readings within five or ten percent of expected velocity are not easy to confirm or deny. The important question is, “Do I have reason to be concerned about my load, or did the chronograph make an error?” The PROOF CHANNEL tells you immediately if the chronograph reading is suspect. You can trust a friend who honestly says, “Oops, I might have goofed on that one.”

The PROOF CHANNEL is like comparing your checkbook balance to the bank’s balance. If the balances agree, they are right. If they differ by a few pennies, you assume the bank is correct and accept their balance. If there’s a large difference, you don’t trust either balance until you find the reason for the problem.

Most skyscreens will function under perfect light conditions, but they all fail under bad conditions. You expect skyscreens to fail when it gets dark, but there’s a huge twilight zone between perfect conditions and obvious dark. It is better to have no chronograph reading at all than to believe an incorrect reading. With Oehler’s PROOF CHANNEL you get positive assurance that your readings are correct, and the quality of your loads will reflect that assurance.