We’ve shipped Skyscreen III units with Oehler chronographs since 1984. The original lens system and optical
design have been tested and proven by thousands of shooters, and the units have been refined to near perfection.

You’ll see fewer false triggers from static electricity and electrical interference. The older single-shield cable has been replaced by a cable with improved shielding.

The rugged single-bolt mounting system has been reinforced. Unlike skyscreens that mount with four little screws through two plastic ears, Skyscreen III units mount without tools and they don’t break.

You can get superior accuracy at the higher rifle velocities by using a 4′ rail. We now include a 4′ mounting rail with each Model 35. This rail is mounted on two folding stands and works for archery, airguns, handguns, shotguns and rifles. Our simple rail starts life as a piece of 1/2 inch EMT electrical conduit. We add three precisely located dimples to hold three Skyscreens. When you tighten the single 1/4″-20 mounting screw of each Skyscreen into its own dimple, your screen spacing is precise. You need no tools at the range.

For years other manufacturers ridiculed our use of diffusers; now even the most vocal critics suggest diffusers and sell their own. We’ve gone a step farther and have improved ours for even better performance.

The new diffuser’s special blaze orange material provides the highest sensitivity with early and late light. The translucent material tames the brightest noonday sun while the wide roof protects the lens from glare caused by mid-day sun. The diffuser doesn’t flutter in the wind and it easily absorbs the muzzle blast of big guns. (You may have to tie them down, but they tolerate .50 BMG without problems.) The molded polycarbonate parts will withstand practically any abuse except a direct bullet hit. Still, the side rails flex to protect your Skyscreens if your mounting rail takes a tumble. Each diffuser assembly is made of three interlocking parts that store compactly and mount easily. There’s no metal to rust or kink and there’s no glue to fail.