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System 89 BC Chrono™


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The System 89 measures the calibrated ballistic coefficient for each bullet fired. At very long ranges, the shot-to-shot uniformity of the ballistic coefficient becomes even more critical than uniform muzzle velocity. Shooters will also find that uniformity of ballistic coefficient and muzzle velocity is more important than simply looking for the highest velocity and BC. The System 89 measures that uniformity of both muzzle velocity and ballistic coefficient so that you can select the most accurate combination of components.

The System 89 includes: two 89 controllers with Windows® software, USB cables, wall charger, two tripods (to elevate the 89 and antenna), 4′ Skyscreen rail, three Skyscreen III sensors and four 8836 microphone sensors. A copy of Ballistic Explorer is included with each System 89.

Additional tripods for the Skyscreens are required and available separately if shooting from a bench.

A Windows PC is required.

3/4″ PVC pipe is required to make the acoustic target array and Skyscreen ground rails.

Install videos, instructions,  demo software and additional information can be found here:

System 89 Demo Software

The Oehler System 89 is engineered, manufactured, sold and supported in the U.S.A.