Model 36 Chronograph

Users have often asked for a chronograph system, with computer interface, to measure muzzle velocity, rate-of-fire, and even coefficient of restitution. The Model 36 Chronograph will provide all these functions when connected to a Windows (XP or later) computer via the USB port. It is powered via the USB bus and requires input from either two or three photoelectric screens.

Operator interface of the Model 36 is similar to the System 85. It uses similar gun data files and ammo data files as does the System 85. The operator must first select the mode of operation.

If Machine Gun Chronograph mode is selected, the system will display and report the instrumental velocity of each round, the epoch time of each round, and the rate-of-fire between successive rounds. The Model 36 can measure bursts of up to 400 shots and rates of up to 6,000 rounds per minute.

If Rebound Chronograph mode is selected, the system will measure and report the inbound velocity and the rebound velocity after the ball bounces from a solid surface back through the screens. It will compute and report the coefficient of restitution on each shot.

If Standard Chronograph mode is selected, the system will display and report the time increment and instrumental velocity along with the proof velocity difference.

All test setup and firing results are displayed on the operator’s computer screen. Test reports are automatically formatted in the universal .pdf format for convenient printing, storage, and sharing. Each report includes all test conditions as entered by the operator, all shot-by-shot results, and an appropriate summary. The Model 36 can automatically generate and export an Excel data file which includes the Excel version of the printed report along with all raw time data.

Model 36 Sample Report

Click here to download Model 36 Brochure in .pdf format.