Model 35P

The gold standard of chronographs is back.  For over fifty years Oehler has made the instruments used by the government and industry.  All Oehler equipment is made to industrial standards for accuracy and reliability.  Shooters seeking perfection recognize the quality of Oehler’s chronographs.

From 2005 until 2010, we spent much of our time explaining that we had no Model 35P units for sale.  We did not have them at any price.  Just for you, we resumed production of the Model 35P in 2010.

While the design of the Model 35 dates back to 1988, there have been subtle and significant improvements over the years.  You now get better Skyscreens with better diffusers and better folding stands.  The case is larger and tougher, with better latches.  The M35P is accurate, it’s reliable, it’s proven, and we don’t want to change that.

Only the Oehler 35P makes two velocity readings for each shot, and lets you verify the accuracy.  When they agree, you know they are right.  If the readings disagree significantly on a single shot, you know that sometimes Mother Nature can fool even the best chronograph.  We’ll admit it and the 35P will tell you.

The Skyscreen III units work well.  The basic design is twenty-five years old, but we’ve made improvements.  Others tout their special lenses, diffusers, and glint-guard circuits as something new.  They should make better copies.

The value of the PROOF CHANNELTM is second only to our Skyscreens.  Many nasty things can interfere with velocity measurements.  Nobody makes a perfect chronograph, but the 35P makes two measurements on each shot.  When the two velocities agree, you can trust them.

The Model 35P used with a 4’ rail provides typical accuracy of 0.25%.  This high accuracy gives you a reliable measure of uniformity in addition to the average velocity of your ammo.  You can use shorter spacing if you are satisfied with lesser accuracy.

The system is rugged and operates at almost any temperature. It stops working only when the battery freezes.

Our best testimonials have been on eBay while the 35P was out of production.  Shooters paid double the original price for twenty-year-old units.  We can’t say it better.

The Oehler Model 35P includes a built-in printer. It prints with real ink on plain adding machine paper, not thermal paper. It automatically prints each round as you fire; you can’t forget or lose any data.

Oehler products are designed in the USA, built in the USA, and supported in the USA directly by Oehler.