Notes from our valued customers…

Man! I’ve got to say it- I continue to love your 35P! This has been the single most helpful tool to base my loading experiments into practical uniformity!

This is my second unit- the first was borrowed and never returned in about ’94-’95.

God bless you wonderful people. Keep up your excellent work.

Affectionately: C. L.

Dear Dr. Oehler,

After much thought, and consultation with other chronograph owners, I recently ordered a full-house 35P set-up. I am, in one word, thrilled.

I wish to take this opportunity to commend you on all counts- customer service, shipping (phone call to delivery, Texas to New Jersey, six days), user friendly nature of both the product and its instructions. Additionally, the person I spoke with was extremely personable and knowledgeable. I regret not getting her name, but perhaps you know who she is. Again, thanks for making such a fine product.

Best Wishes,


New Jersey

PS. Several friends and I chronographed 22 loads from 16 guns, using 25 feet of adding paper and most of a 9–hour day, with not so much as one single problem with the unit. Needless to say, a most impressive performance.

I’d like to thank you a bundle for fixing my chronograph. Your company went way above what most companies would do. I do appreciate your service. Now I can get back to developing loads for my firearms.

Tombstone, AZ

Just wanted to tell Ken that I have been using my Model 35P with the original 4′ rail, skyscreen III and printer for 30 years now without a problem. It is still the crown jewel of chronographs. Glad to read that a limited reintroduction of the 35P will be available. Sorry that I will not be ordering one, BECAUSE MINE STILL WORKS GREAT.

Thank you for a great product and service.



On Tuesday afternoon, January 13th I overnighted my Oehler model 35P to you to have the printer replaced. On Thursday, January 15th I received the repaired unit back. This is the quickest repair service I have ever received from any company of the 66 years of my life. I have told many of my friends about your outstanding service and they are all as amazed as I am. Thank you so very much.


McKinney, TX


Just wanted to say thank you for the repair work done on my 35P. You replaced the skyscreen jacks because the unit would false trigger. It is working fine now and I also appreciate you replacing the battery cover and one of the foots that came off. All at no charge! Thank you again for supporting your fine product.



I recently purchased your model 35 and tested it at the range on two occasions this week. I LOVE IT! I have used two other systems and have concluded that there is no comparison. I really like the set up and the printer. I have far greater confidence in the reading I receive. I was even able to determine why my expensive Swarovski ballistic turrets are not accurate at all ranges – the chronograph I used in the past (****) was off by 100 FPS.

Stafford, VA

Thanks for the quick turn around on the repair of my chronograph. Deeply appreciate the customer service.


Good Morning,

Last week, Tuesday, I called and spoke with Gary regarding whether Oehler had any model 35P chronographs in stock. Gary replied that yes, you did and I was eager to order a unit right over the phone.

I noticed from the confirmation email you sent, that my chronograph was shipped the same day, exceedingly prompt.

I was even more surprised when it arrived at my home Friday, after only 4 days. This for only $20 shipping.

I want to Thank you for such positive customer support! I do much of my reloading shopping on *********.com where quick shipment of orders is advertised, but this was the first experience I have had with Oehler. I am very pleased so far.

I was also pleased after the fact, when I looked a bit closer at the accurate shooter website, I noticed that Gary Stafford was listed as a key engineer in the re-release of this model. I had no inkling I was speaking so high on the ‘food chain’, if you will.

I am very excited to begin using my new equipment, expecting many many years of service, which is exactly WHY I purchased your specific chronograph; namely ‘made in America’ quality.

Thank you again for such a positive initial experience with your company.

NRA Life Member
Adelanto, CA.

Wow, y’all are amazing. Placed the order Monday morning and the stuff was here in North Carolina yesterday. Thank you so much for the quick processing.

My Model 35 is over 20 years old and still going strong, except when I hit a skyscreen with an errant piece of lead. I really appreciate your offering replacement parts. Looking forward to another 20 years of service 🙂

Thanks !!!
Hillsborough, NC

Thank You very much for your very prompt response to my inquiry. The information you sent was extremely helpful and I will be ordering the needed part(s) tomorrow. There are less expensive chronographs on the market but there aren’t any that are better.


Thank you for being so prompt on my order. It is so nice to deal with honest to goodness people.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy my Model 35P. I feel like I have control over my reloading now and can get the most from my loading efforts.

Thank you again,



An Open Letter to Oehler Research

After considering the many chronographs on today’s market, my son and employees purchased the Model 35P for me as a Christmas present.

While Oehler’s reputation preceded itself, I was impressed by what I was soon to experience.

While testing the new unit, I found it to be inoperative and called “James” in your service department for instructions. Since I wanted to use the unit the following weekend I paid to overnight air it back to you on Tuesday morning. On Thursday I called James to be sure the unit arrived, and was informed that it had in fact not only arrived Wednesday, but had been repaired and should be back to me on Thursday. It was in my office by 10 AM Thursday!

Congratulations! This is an example of how I run my business. It’s all too often the service after the sale is forgotten!

Thank you for the fine job! I’ve tried it at the range, and so has everyone around me! Works great! I highly recommend Oehler.


Last week I had a problem with my 35Ps’ printer. One call to your tech service and a new one was on the way. The repair took 5 minutes and I am up and running again. Great customer service, thanks.


It is an honor to do business with a company such as Oehler Research. There may be other companies such as yours, but I am sure they are few and far between. However, I am certainly glad that I purchased my 35P Chronograph from Oehler. I have been overjoyed by the results and am very happy with the service and care that I have received.

I am most certain that you have other testimonials from satisfied customers, but I am happy to add mine to theirs. Especially, after sending my unit in for repair on Monday and receiving it back on Wednesday of the same week. Your pride in workmanship shows and is a true quality which is lacking in today’s world.

Thanks again,


Dear Sir:

Purchasing a piece of electronic equipment these days can be very mind-consuming to say the least.

After looking over some chronograph brochures, I decided to talk to some people who had experience in the use of chronographs. I called both Nosler and Sierra. To make a long story short, they informed me that they and a lot of other bullet and firearms makers use only the best, Oehler. So I figured if the Oehler chronograph is damn well good enough for the big boys, then it’s got to be good enough for us little boys as well.

I wish to order….


P.S. To have a printer would be nice, but my pocket is only so deep. Maybe next year!

Regarding your invoice # ******

Just a great big THANK YOU for your service.


Thanks! This is one great instrument.

I used it briefly to check loads for the U.S. Nationals (IPSC). Loads were checked at 88 degrees and 88% humidity in Philadelphia, MS. Went to Barry, IL and at 50 degrees and 40% humidity, lo and behold over another Oehler 35P, I got the same readings! How novel- consistency at last.

I will be sure to mention your product in any place possible!

Thanks again,

W. R.


Dear Oehler People:

Nobody is more upset with the low level of quality in service and goods typically encountered these days than I am. I guess I’ve become a total cynic in thinking anyone even cares enough to do it right any more.

And then along came you guys! You gave me exactly what I wanted, suggested a simpler solution, treated me courteously, sent me what I needed in a hurry in less time than I had hoped, provided the usual top quality, and did it all for a better than fair price. I just love it. Every time someone asks me about my chronograph, I’m sure to tell them where I got it and how I was treated.

Thanks for everything!





First, I would like to express to you how nice it is doing business with a firm of your caliber. Everyone is so courteous on the phone-it’s liking talking with your favorite neighbor across the back yard fence! “James” in your engineering department was especially nice and our entire conversation took only a few minutes.

Please enter my order as follows:

Model 35P System . . .

My experience with the Model 33 has been most enjoyable. I can honestly say that I have never had a bad reading and it has tested pistols, magnum 12 gauge shotguns, and magnum rifles. . .

Warmest regards,



Dear Oehler,

As you can see, accidents do happen. Would you please repair or replace any part of this chronograph or skyscreen that needs it. Please check to be sure that it is properly calibrated and in working order. This has been perhaps the best product I ever purchased. I don’t know how I ever did without it, and sure miss it now.



Thanks for your excellent service. I never expected to receive it back so soon, and free at that.


Thank you for your excellent service backing up your fine product.


Dear Sir,

I am writing to thank you for repairing my Model 33 without charge. Such customer service is a rarity today, and I appreciate it. Everyone I know will be told to buy Oehler.

New York

Dear People:

Sorry for the delay. This invoice was lost in the paper flurry on my desk. (Explanation, no excuse.)

I like the machine a lot! Your service (parts shipment) is excellent. Keep up the good work.

Rudy . . .


Enclosed please find my check for $27.46 in payment of Invoice #28924.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation of doing business with a company who cares about their customers and sells such a fine product at a reasonable price.

I have been boosting your 35P at our range here in . . ., and have let a number of dedicated handloaders check their loads through my chronograph. They all were very impressed with the instrument. You should be receiving more orders for the 35P from this area soon.

Keep up the good work, and it was a pleasure to talk to an engineer who did not think everybody was stupid.


D. D. B.


Noted on a payment for repair parts . . .

Thanks for the excellent service, courtesy, trust, and great product.



Nothing brightens our mornings like finding notes from happy customers tucked among the orders and bills. Here are a few samples . . .

Dear Sirs.

Please send me your chronograph catalog. I have been using your Model 10 for 18 years with complete satisfaction, but would like to try something a little faster.



Dear Folks at Oehler:

I realize you already have more testimonials than you can use, but I’m going to give you one more anyway.

On a recent Sunday shooting session an errant handgun bullet wrecked one of my skyscreens. I forgot to call for a replacement on Monday so it was Tuesday before I could order. It didn’t matter; you guys had me up and running before the weekend! You even sent me an invoice with the part! In this day and age this kind of good service and trust is hard to find.

I wish you guys would go into the insurance business . . . or maybe politics.





I think that you may be interested in my recent experiences with one of your competitor’s chronographs and how it compares with my fiveyear-old Oehler Model 11.

About a year ago, I decided to “upgrade” my chronograph equipment with a more sophisticated unit to replace my perfectly good Model 11. I chose the highly advertised chronograph . . . My problems began when it took three months to deliver the unit and then only after repeated phone calls and several letters. Finally it arrived, and the poorly written instruction booklet was my first hint that perhaps things were not as rosy as described in their advertisements. Without my previous experience with the Oehler, I would have had great difficulty understanding how to set up the unit

Since receiving it, I have carried the unit to the range six or seven times and have fired 300 rounds from a variety of centerfire rifles and handguns. During these sessions, it has given me exactly one velocity readout! I have replaced skyscreens and batteries, constructed translucent shields for the skyscreens, and even fired under varying sky conditions. Still no readouts.

At this point, I have written the chronograph off as a costly mistake…. The one encouraging development in this otherwise dismal story is that my reliable little Oehler Model 11 still works perfectly!




. . . Your staff has been most courteous and helpful, and I am deeply impressed. I am seeing a service delivered that is so rare in business today, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. I have been treated the way I believe people should be treated.

Based on the past performance of the unit, as well as the company’s willingness to stand behind their product, I highly recommend this product to everyone, and I will do my best to encourage my friends to purchase this particular unit . . .




All Oehler Research Personnel,

I had been impressed by heresay information about you all and your company long before I ordered.

I placed my first order with the help of Mrs. Oehler, and I was very much impressed.

I most recently dealt with Mr. James Bohls on a repair and upgrade of my unit, and I was still very impressed.

So far I have fired everything from a paper clip powered by a rubber band, to a .25 ACP, . . . to a 25mm antitank gun firing a 5000 grain bullet at 2260 fps, to a Mountain Cannon firing a seven pound lead projectile.

I love this chronograph . . . but your product is not why I wrote this letter. I felt compelled to write to express my deep appreciation for the friendliness, courtesy, professionalism, and sincerity all of you have shown . . .

Gosh-damn, I would like to sit and talk to you all, all day. I have not ever before found a group of people that all seem to have such a knowledge of their product . . .

Very respectfully,



And a few notes scribbled on payments . .

I could not be more pleased with the 35P, your assistance end good service. R.M.

Thanks so much for the quick service. T.L.E.

Thank you! It’s refreshing to deal with a company with integrity and faith in their customers! V.R.G.

It is refreshing to find a concern that will forward repair parts without advance payment, and maintain initial prices despite spiraling inflation. . . H.E.W.


. . . No, my buddy didn’t shoot through one of the screens . . . I am writing because everything went off without a problem, and that miracle begs comment.

Your Model 33 is the first firearm-related product that I have purchased that worked exactly as advertised, with no problems…. after spending huge sums sending all this junk back to the factories, I find your product a whole new experience.

Thanks for the nifty tool, I really appreciate it.



Thanks much for your prompt service and for selling a superior product. If all American companies had the Oehler attitude, there wouldn’t be a trade deficit.




Dear Clovis,

I want to thank you a bunch for the prompt service I received in getting my chronograph fixed and returned….

I take my hat off to your company for producing such high quality electronic gear that does what it does, every time and all the time. That takes high quality people who know what they are doing . . . As a professional engineer, with 35 years working at my profession, I say “thank you” for a job well done.

Yours truly,

A.J.H., P.E.


Many others have written…

but there isn’t room for all. We thank all of you who have bothered to write. We save and relish each note because we are touched. You took time to write when you had other things to do. Please stop by and read through our “cheer-up” file some day. These unsolicited notes range from ribald to religious and from serious to silly. We’ve modestly included a sampling of the moderate ones.