Brief Biography

It is impossible to separate the stories of Margie and Ken Oehler.  They both grew up in rural families in the picturesque hill country of central Texas.  Married soon after Margie completed college, they lived in Austin where she taught math as Ken completed a doctorate in electrical engineering.  Following Ken’s two years duty at the Army’s Electronic Proving Ground, they returned to Austin.

With time to continue his reloading hobby, Ken made own chronograph.  It evolved into the Model 10, the first Oehler Research product.  They jointly formed a company with Ken working on the technical end and Margie handling the administrative functions.  More handloader chronographs were designed and they were quickly followed by industrial systems.  The couple visited many industrial ballistic labs, military arsenals and proving grounds; they learned the instrumentation needs common to actual users.  Upon their return home Ken developed the hardware and software to meet the needs and Margie kept the business going.  This led to the development of dozens of chronographs and much related equipment along with several significant patents.

After over fifty years, the couple is still an essential part of Oehler Research.  They have added responsibility for the hill country land included from their families’ legacy and they enjoy more time with grandchildren.  The last few years have been spent assuring that the accumulated knowledge and experience remains available to users through Oehler Research.   Retirement is inevitable, but not imminent.