About Oehler


Because you want the best accuracy, at the desired velocity, from your gun.

The first law of accuracy is uniformity. Uniformity includes a good gun, your aiming, holding, and squeezing precisely the same shot after shot, and proper ammo where each round is exactly like the next.

If your ammo shoots to one hole, you know it is uniform. If your ammo leaves something to be desired, a good start is making sure that its velocity is uniform. With a chronograph, you can easily measure that the velocities are uniform, and that the average velocity is where you want it.

We can’t guarantee that ammo with the most uniform velocities will always shoot the best groups or even shoot good groups. We know it’s a good starting place. If you know the uniformity and the average velocity of each tested load, you can find the best load faster and easier.


As a shooter, you’ve seen the Oehler name often during the last fifty years. The serious shooters at your club range probably use Oehler systems. Browse through gun magazines and you read about Oehler chronographs. Walk through any commercial ammo plant and you find the test bays lined with Oehler instruments. Behind the high fences of most government arsenals and proving grounds, you find them testing with Oehler equipment.

Oehler systems are the standard of industrial and military testing, but you haven’t seen them advertised. Word-of-mouth among satisfied customers has sold these systems. We can devote our time to answering new instrumentation challenges instead of trying to write advertising copy. What we learn solving industrial problems, we apply to handloader systems.


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Oehler holds several patents, including one for the PROOF CHANNEL chronograph.

Patent Title Number
Inductance Type Velocity Measuring Apparatus 3,824,463
Photodetector Circuit for Ballistic Velocity Measurement 4,128,761
Sunshield and Light Diffuser 4,239,962
Multiple Screen Ballistic Chronograph 4,845,690
Apparatus & Method for Measuring and Calculating Interior and Exterior Ballistics 5,349,853
System for Predicting Exterior Ballistics 9,817,015
System & Method for Long Range Ballistic Calculation Pending
Asymmetrical Acoustic Target Pending