Handloaders will recognize the profile of the three Oehler Skyscreen III sensors strapped atop the scaffold in front of an Avenger air defense system equipped with a .50 caliber machine gun. Beside the vehicle is a million-dollar Doppler radar. The purpose of the test was to validate the radar’s response to 25-round bursts. After the test the operator commented, “The skyscreens rattled around quite a bit, but the system functioned perfectly.”


Ambrose Award

The Ambrose Award recognizes an Industrial Firm for outstanding contributions to the field of small arms systems. It is not an annual award, but is presented when an extraordinary circumstance prevails. Recipients are selected by the NDIA Small Arms Committee Executive Board for outstanding contributions in meeting the needs of National Defense.

Oehler Research was honored to join the select group in 2017.

  • 2008 St. Marks Powder
  • 2009 Otis Technologies
  • 2012 Winchester Ammunition
  • 2013 Surefire
  • 2017 Oehler Research